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Read about us on page 11 in The Connection Summer 2009 issue

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The primary objective of the GestaltOSD Center is to further the use and development of Gestalt theory and methodology in organizational contexts. Offerings of the OSD Center include training programs, organizational consulting, research, and workshops.

The Gestalt OSD body of knowledge is the foundation for OSD training programs conducted successfully around the world in organizational consulting for nearly 40 years and in coaching for fourteen years. “Stages of development” is a Gestalt OSD “umbrella” concept that supports consultants, coaches and organizational leaders to enhance their coaching capability and capacity. Specifically, program graduates increase their ability to make better use of their own theory, concept and method in the service of appreciating multiple realities and supporting clients to accelerate the process of change. This stage-of-development conceptual framework particularly brings coaches into awareness of an “I want/We need” paradigm as a fundamental dimension of individual and organizational life.


Join Us for a Gestalt OSD Experience

Gestalt Coaching Workshop

An Advanced Gestalt Coaching Workshop is being held March 17-20, 2017 NY, NJ area. Join us for this third time offering for Experienced Practitioners. Read more. We encourage early enrollment. Register now and receive a $500 discount.

Interpersonal Interaction

  • Nov 16-18, 2016 Wednesday 1pm - Friday 1pm Cleveland, OH
  • Faculty: Marcella Benson-Quaziena , PhD Bio and Veronica Hopper Carter, PhD Bio

This workshop is for individuals who want to enhance their self-awareness. Ten to twelve individuals along with faculty from the OSD Center work as a group to support individual personal growth and development. Special attention is given to the development of awareness and skills supporting effective interaction. This workshop satisfies the Introductory Gestalt Workshop required before or during the program for all OSD training program applicants. Register Now

In the OSD Spotlight

In the OSD Spotlight

IODA logo.

BRENDA B. JONES, OSD Faculty and former NTL Institute President, will be speaking at the Annual International Conference | 24 - 27 August, 2016 taking place in Mysore, India. The theme this year is Future Forward, OD in the Changing Global Landscape.

During our 40th Anniversary year GestaltOSD was recognized as one of the five top approaches to Organization Development. GestaltOSD theory and concepts continue to be mentioned in many published articles related to coaching. We have continued with our reorganization of the GestaltOSD Center, which includes curriculum changes reflecting the most recent integrated and integrative perspectives of our theory, concept and method. The desired outcome of this change process, which we conduct about every five years, is to ensure that our offerings remain world class. One significant change is an agreement to use GestaltOSD as our brand and the name of the OSD body of knowledge.

Four words have become the integrative focus of our work: Love, Thought, Gratitude and Harmony. Exploring the meaning of these words is core to all of our work. We have offered forty-four OSD training and development programs. This calculation does not include offerings of workshops, advanced training programs, corporate training or workshops and consultations. The GestaltOSD training and development programs are considered by many in the field of applied behavior science as the finishing school for individuals wanting to achieve self-mastery as an intervener.

Heartfulness Conference

In OD Marketing Interview with Marie Saul, John Carter recommends meditation for OD practitioners. See admission free Heartfulness Meditation Event at Detroit conference.

The first slide of the OD Marketing Interview presentation.
Download the Powerpoint Presentation

"Meditation is a centering practice that supports individuals leaning how to regulate their mind leading to increased clarity, less illusion, and better choices resulting in inner cohesion and harmony related to their interactions with others."

Shanghai China Faculty at "work" …
The Shanghai China faculty at work

and at "play"
The Shanghai China faculty at play

Feedback we receive demonstrates our graduates continue to enhance their awareness, knowledge and skills and change their lives and the lives of others personally and professionally. Our graduates continue to make a difference with their presence.

Training Programs

The Organization & Systems Development Training Program (OSD Program) is a world-class Gestalt OSD training program that reflects over 30 years of innovative development and application of Gestalt OSD theory, concepts, and methodology. Participants gain invaluable knowledge and skills in intervention design and implementation at all levels of system, and receive immediate feedback from experienced instructors during structured practicums. The program has both a Standard Format (9 modules over 3 years) in Seattle, Washington and a Weekend Format (9 weekend modules over 1 year) in Cleveland, Ohio. The Weekend Format provides an opportunity for individuals interested in the Gestalt Center's world-class OSD training to undertake the experience in a weekend format, requiring minimum time away from work. Both formats provides individuals with the theory, concept, methodology, skills, and techniques for effectively intervening at the individual, two-person, group, and organizational levels of system. Read more.

Organization & Systems Development Program (Standard Format)
3 Years/9 Modules

Organization & Systems Development Program (Weekend Format)
1 Year/9 Weekends

Becoming a Better Intervener: Organization & Systems Development Intensive
1 year intensive - 5 modules

OSD International Training Program offers professionals effective alternatives for influencing the systems in which they work, and a cross-cultural milieu that challenges and develops participants beyond their already proven scope of accomplishments. The faculty includes representatives from four continents, and the five week-long sessions over a span of 16 months occur in five different countries. Read more.

OSD International Coaching Program (OSDICP)

OSD Group Intensive (Advanced Training)

Gestalt OSD Sponsoring Conference

Welcome to the Gestalt OSD Center

“Take a PowerPoint (re)view of the Center’s programs and faculty”

Come join us, we are sponsors and will be conducting a session at the
2nd International Columbia Coaching Conference
October 19 - 21, 2016 in New York City.
THE FUTURE OF COACHING: Building Bridges and Expanding Boundaries

» More information and registration

This years ODN Conference takes place in in Atlanta, Georgia October 8-10, 2016. More information and registration

The ODN Lifetime Achievement Awards have gone to OSD Faculty and OSD Students over the years:

  • 2015 Barry Johnson    OSD Student Program IV (1981-1983)
  • 2014 Mee-Yan Cheung Judge   Attended OSDBBI Workshop, nominated by OSD Faculty
  • 2011 Brenda Jones             OSD Faculty and former NTL Institute President more
  • 2010 Edwin C. Nevis     OSD Founder and GISC Co-Founder (deceased May 2011) more
  • 2009 John D. Carter          OSD Founder and current OSD Center President more

View more information about the award

Special Events

NTL Reflections - Practising Social Change with John D. Carter

"I learned early in my organization consulting experience that the custodians and the receptionist were often the carriers of some of the best information about the organization, and could assist me in making sure my clients were playing with a full deck."

  • Issue 2: Looking for God in All the Wrong Places
  • Issue 3: Making a Difference with my Presence
  • Issue 4: The Legacy of Edwin Nevis 1926-2011
  • Issue 5: Limited by my Orientation

John D. Carter is an internationally prominent organizational consultant, business advisor, executive coach, and innovative educator. Currently President of the Gestalt Center for Organization & Systems Development (GOSD), John has served the fields of OD and applied behavioral science since 1969 as founder and CEO of John D. Carter & Associates, and as an esteemed faculty member of several educational institutions (e.g., Gestalt Institute of Cleveland [GIC], Saybrook Institute, Union Graduate School, Columbia University, and Case Western Reserve University [CWRU]). He has served as an Executive Board or Trustee member of many leading organizations involved with OD (e.g., GIC, Gestalt International Study Center, National Training Laboratories [NTL], Fielding Graduate University, and OD Network), and is an Emeritus Member of NTL Institute . John earned his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University’s renowned Organizational Behavior program; he is also a Kappa Alpha Psi and Alpha Phi Omega member.

As an independent consultant, John has worked with the top leader at more than 30 domestic and international organizations, and he is a co-founder and developer of several ground-breaking training programs and the body of knowledge known as Gestalt OSD. At GIC, John began as a student in 1970 and went on to serve as faculty member, CEO, Director of Corporate Training, Program and Finance Director, Dean of Faculty, and OSD Center Head. He is a GIC Distinguished Honorary Fellow. John is also a Prefect in Shri Ram Chandra Mission, a natural path meditation practice. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife Veronica Hopper Carter and daughter Annelise.

OD Journal Gestalt Organization & Systems Development and OD

A Past, Present and Future Perspective by John D. Carter

Trends we must not ignore

“The true worth of interveners is not measured by the set of skills or tools they possess, but by their ability to see themselves clearly in relation to others. Such clarity drives the individual to integrate organizational change knowledge and the synergy of working with others to produce powerful interventions for superior results.”

Jeff Evans interviews John D. Carter on personal leadership in a podcast from, “Leading Out Loud.” Listen to it here.

John D. Carter and Veronica Hopper Carter presented a Master Teleclass on key concepts of Gestalt coaching and intervention, sponsored by Mobius Executive Leadership and Integral Leadership and Coaching. “Conversations with Masters” is a seven-month series of teleclasses for coaches engaging with pioneers and thought leaders in the field of coaching and Organizational Development. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Printable PDF Brochures Available

Please note that where discrepancies between the PDF brochures and the Web site occur, particularly regarding program schedule dates, the most current and reliable information will be found on the Web site. Note also that Continuing Education Credits are not offered at this time for OSD Training Programs or workshop offerings. For other information, or to clarify any discrepancies, you may contact our registrar at 440.205.8606 or at

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